white women: let's talk racism and your complicity.

-Regina & Saira



Our mission is simple - reveal the naked truth about RACISM in America and UNLEASH YOUR POWER as white women to dismantle it. This isn’t the stuff of Trump, the KKK and Nazis. That’s easy, it’s obvious and denouncing it requires almost nothing of white folks. What’s hard? Looking at yourself in the mirror and acknowledging that, as a white person in America, you are an active participant in upholding white supremacy. This isn’t personal. This doesn’t make you bad. This is systemic. And this makes you human who is part of that system. As Black and Brown women, we too are humans who are part of the system. Only we are on the other side: we are on the receiving end of white supremacy while you are on the giving end. Until and unless white women are willing to disrupt white supremacy, we will never see change. White women: you have the power to disrupt and dismantle the hate.

That is where the Race 2 Dinners come in.

white women: We are talking about your complicity in upholding white supremacy and keeping us Brown and Black women down. Our goal is to reveal white privilege, power, control and your complicity in all of the above. You are an integral part of this system. Please use this power to dismantle the hate rather than to uphold it.

Making white women comfortable isn’t our goal.

Our goal is to be seen, to be heard, and to have you, white women, acknowledge how you've caused us harm. Only then can you start doing the work to dismantle the system of white supremacy. A system that's killing us all.


white women: stop centering everything on you and your feelings.

-Regina & Saira


so you’re wanting to know more?


Dinners are all at once uncomfortable, intriguing, raw, personal, and so extremely refreshing.

This is not Racism 101.  While Rao and Jackson are personable and witty, this isn’t a delicate dinner conversation; nor are attendees sitting in the audience of a Ted Talk feeling exempt from personal accountability.  This is an intimate, direct conversation about how the white women at the table are complicit in the continued injustices of our white supremacist society and how they can immediately take action.  White women attending these dinners need to be committed to resisting white defenses, the host is prepared to interrupt white fragility in order to protect and center the conversation around Rao and Jackson so as not to derail the conversation, and they pay $2,500 to participate.  It’s a new approach, and while it may not be for everyone, it fills an urgent need.  Race2Dinner has inspired white women to push harder than they ever knew they could.  

In the end, they realize their liberation is directly connected to that of Black, Indigenous and brown women.

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Interested in hosting a dinner?

If you don’t own it, you can’t change it. And change doesn’t come without pain.

— Regina Jackson