Born in Chicago in 1950 Regina remembers an America where everything was in Black and white. Burned into her memory are; the beatings and horrific treatment of civil rights workers throughout the south, the Goodman, Chaney & Schwerner murders, the murder of Viola Liuzzo, the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the murders of President John Kennedy and his brother Robert. The violence perpetrated on innocent people going about their lives, by white people. It is these memories that drive Regina to push for real change in America. Which is why she co-founded Race 2 Dinner.

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Saira Rao is a racial justice activist, former congressional candidate, and co-founder of In This Together Media and Healing from Hate. Rao's upcoming memoir, outlining her experience with racism in the new media, BROKEN NEWS, will be published in Spring 2020. You can find her on Twitter @sairasameerarao. 

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Program Director

Jessica Majerus is a teacher by profession, and has been doing racial justice work for 15 years. She is a former volunteer with White Nonsense Roundup and has volunteered with BIWOC led projects like Threads of Solidarity and Direct Assistance Fund. She is delighted to be working with Saira and Regina on the Race to Dinner Project because she believes in the power of white women bearing witness to the pain of white supremacy and using that experience to enact change in themselves, their families, and their larger communities.  

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Bob Bland was one of the four National Co-Chairs of the 2017 Women's March on Washington. On January 21st, 2017, The Women's March on Washington was a historic, unapologetically women-led demonstration, with over 5 million marching worldwide and ushering in a mass resistance to the Trump administration. 

For her work on the Women’s March, Bob is the recipient of numerous awards including Forbes 50 World's Greatest Leaders, Time 100's Most Influential People and Glamour Magazine’s Women of The Year. She has made numerous radio, TV and documentary appearances including CBS Evening News, The View, NBC Nightly News and SiriusXM. She has been featured in many books, including NYT's bestseller Together We Rise: Behind the Scenes at the Protest Heard Round the World.