white women: you need to sit in your discomfort.

-Saira Rao



Dear white women, you have caused immeasurable pain and damage to Brown and Black women. We are here to sit down with you to candidly explain how you caused this pain and damage.

We are not here to change anything. We are here to express the pain you have caused, white women. What you do after you leave the dinner is up to you. WE don’t care about your feelings. SIT WITH THAT FOR A MINUTE. Your feelings pale in comparison to the violence you have caused Black and Brown women.


Regina Jackson & Saira Rao

You can’t demand truth AND reconciliation. You have to demand truth - people have to hear it and they have to want to reconcile themselves to that truth.
— Bryan Stevenson


It all started with Saira’s run for Congress in 2018. When Regina joined the campaign, she noticed the throngs of white women anxious to meet Saira with the sole intent to tell her that they weren’t racist. There was a whole lot of “not me” and  “not all white women”. Saira accommodated these meetings for a long time. Then one day Regina mentioned how a white friend of hers “really needed to talk to Saira about this race stuff”. Saira mentioned she was done getting berated by white women and declared, “how about this, I’ll do a dinner to talk to several white women at once as long as you are there”. 

Thus, Race 2 Dinner was born.